Account Archival and Removal

It’s time to do another round of account archival and removal. In an effort to keep storage utilization under control, and to provide people who have left the university with as much of their personal data as possible, twice per year we remove accounts for any user who has left the university and send them an archive of all their personal data.

We will be starting the account archive process at 10:00 AM EST, on Thursday, April 2. There is approximately 15GB of data to process across ~950 accounts. We don’t anticipate this process taking longer than the weekend to complete, and hope to have the process finished by the close of business on Friday, if not before.

The following Wednesday, April 8, beginning at 10:00 AM EST, we will begin removing the accounts. This process should complete within an hour or so.

Answers to Common Questions

Q: Who is considered for archive and removal?

A: Anyone who has been separated from the university before March 1, 2020. This includes graduated students, former employees, and anyone else who no longer has ties to the university. Students with an active academic plan who are taking a semester off are NOT considered separated, and will not be archived or removed.

Q: What data will be archived and sent to users?

A: All repositories directly owned by the user will be included in the archive, including any issues, pull requests, projects, wikis, etc attached to the repository. Repositories owned by organizations the user is a member of will NOT be included in the archive.

Q: How will users receive their data?

A: The archive will be uploaded to Google Drive, and shared with the user’s Unity Account. The link to the archive will be emailed to the user’s Unity email address. Any user who does not have access to their Unity email will need to submit a ticket to access the data.