GitHub Upgrade – 2.19.9/2.19.10

The 2.19.9 update is a small update, fixing a few bugs and applying OS package upgrades and improving performance for background processes.

We will also be applying the 2.19.10 update, which fixes a few more minor bugs.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • In some cases the forwarded log entries, mainly for audit.log were getting truncated.
  • The org_block event is not unavailable but was appearing for GitHub Apps on GitHub Enterprise Server.
  • GraphQL query responses sometimes returned unmatched node identifiers for ProtectedBranch objects.
  • Leaving a comment in reply to a pull request comment was intermittently creating a pending pull request review.
  • Pre-receive hook returned 500 error on web UI when UTF-8 characters were encountered.
  • When pushing to a Gist, an exception could be triggered during the post-receive hook.

We will be applying the patch at 5:00 PM EST on Mar 27th.