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GitHub Upgrade – 3.9.5

On Thursday, September 28th at 5PM EST, the GitHub Service Team will take the GitHub Enterprise service down to apply the 3.9.5 hotpatch which, among a handful of other changes outlined below, addresses the cause of the failure which prevented the previous upgrade from completing.

GitHub Upgrade – 3.9.4

Upgrade to GHE 3.9.4 will take place on Monday, Sept 4th at 5:00 PM EST, with an expected completion time of 6:30 PM EST. Any questions regarding the upgrade should be sent to github@help.ncsu.edu

GitHub Upgrade – 3.9.3

On 21 August 2023 beginning at 5:00 PM EST, we will be taking the github.ncsu.edu service offline for an upgrade. During the outage no one will be able to login or interact with the service in any way. We do not expect the upgrade to take more than the scheduled period. In the event that more time is needed, we will update this status.