Creation of

For a while now, we’ve been wanting a place to consolidate documentation for the NCSU GitHub service, but haven’t had a suitable location to put the information. The creation of this site is a solution to the “where to put things” problem. It is a fourth-level domain of the service, so it is fairly easy to remember, and using the WordPress platform as a publishing platform means it is very quick and easy to publish new information. We also have a variety of plugins available to pull in Google Drive documents and SysNews events, so everything can come together in one place.

We’ll be using this site as a place to publish information about the service, including notices of upcoming upgrades or downtime, reflections on any downtime we may have, and some write ups on new features that we think the university can make use of. Our hope is that it will be a jumping-off point for anything anyone needs with regard to the NCSU GitHub service.