GitHub Upgrade – 3.8.3

On May 15th, 2023 at 5PM EST, the GitHub Service Team will upgrade the GitHub Enterprise appliance to version 3.8.3. The appliance may be down for up to an hour. If longer downtime is expected, information to that effect will be posted in the service portal.

During this time, no users will be able to access the service or hosted repositories in any way.

Security fixes

Bug fixes

  • Users were unable to upload GIF files as attachments within a comment in an issue or pull request.
  • On an instance with Dependabot alerts enabled, alerts were erroneously hidden when different vulnerabilities were detected by multiple build-time submission detectors.
  • In some cases, on an instance with GitHub Actions enabled, deployment of GitHub Pages site using a GitHub Actions workflow failed with a status of deployment_lost.

Questions regarding this upgrade may be sent to or via the NC State IT Service Portal via or (919) 515-4357.

A full changelog is available via the GitHub Enterprise Release Notes –