GitHub Upgrade – 3.7.5

On Monday, February 13th beginning at 5:00 PM EST, we will be taking the service offline for an upgrade to GitHub Enterprise 3.7.5. This patch consists mainly of package updates for security purposes and bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • After disabling Dependabot updates, the avatar for Dependabot was displayed as the @ghost user in the Dependabot alert timeline.
  • In some cases, users could experience a 500 error when viewing the Code security & analysis settings page for an instance with a very high number of active committers.
  • Some links to contact GitHub Support or view the GitHub Enterprise Server release notes were incorrect.
  • The additional committers count for GitHub Advanced Security always showed 0.
  • In some cases, users were unable to convert existing issues to discussions. If an issue is stuck while being converted to a discussion.

See GitHub Enterprise Release Notes for an exhaustive list of the included changes.