GitHub Upgrade – 3.1.8

Today, beginning at 5:30 PM EDT, we will be taking the GitHub Enterprise service down to apply an upgrade. This upgrade includes several security related fixes addressing CVEs, prompting short notice.

Security Fixes:

  • HIGH: A path traversal vulnerability was identified in GitHub Enterprise Server that could be exploited when building a GitHub Pages site. User-controlled configuration options used by GitHub Pages were not sufficiently restricted and made it possible to read files on the GitHub Enterprise Server instance. To exploit this vulnerability, an attacker would need permission to create and build a GitHub Pages site on the GitHub Enterprise Server instance. This vulnerability affected all versions of GitHub Enterprise Server prior to 3.1.8 and was fixed in 3.1.8, 3.0.16, and 2.22.22. This is the result of an incomplete fix for CVE-2021-22867. This vulnerability was reported via the GitHub Bug Bounty program and has been assigned CVE-2021-22868.

  • MEDIUM: An improper access control vulnerability in GitHub Enterprise Server allowed a workflow job to execute in a self-hosted runner group it should not have had access to. This affects customers using self-hosted runner groups for access control. A repository with access to one enterprise runner group could access all of the enterprise runner groups within the organization because of improper authentication checks during the request. This could cause code to be run unintentionally by the incorrect runner group. This vulnerability affected GitHub Enterprise Server versions from 3.0.0 to 3.0.15 and 3.1.0 to 3.1.7 and was fixed in 3.0.16 and 3.1.8 releases. It has been assigned CVE-2021-22869.

Bug Fixes:

  • Non-empty binary files displayed an incorrect file type and size on the pull request “Files” tab.

Some changes have been omitted due to their irrelevancy to our instance of GHE. See the complete upgrade notes at GitHub Enterprise: