GitHub Upgrade – 3.0.5

The 3.0.5 patch includes an array of bug fixes. Packages have also been updated to their latest security versions.

Bug Fixes

  • Some logs were not included in the log forwarding configuration.
  • Pages were not getting published when using custom CA certificate.
  • The X-GitHub-Enterprise-Host header sent with webhooks included a random string, rather than the hostname of the GitHub Enterprise Server instance that sent the HTTP POST payload.
  • Visiting the /settings/emails page would store state that could cause improper redirects when logging out and logging back in.
  • GitHub integration apps were not able to notify teams when mentioned directly via an at-mention in an issue comment.
  • reStructuredText (RST) rendering in the web UI would fail and instead displayed raw RST markup text.
  • Jupyter notebooks with non-ASCII characters could fail to render.

The update will be applied Tuesday April 20th , 2021 at 5:00PM.

See the complete upgrade notes at GitHub Enterprise: