Account Archive/Removal for Separated Users

On Tuesday, March 9th, beginning at 11:00 AM, we will be starting the archive and removal process for GitHub accounts for separated users. Separated users are any user who is no longer affiliated with the university, including recent graduates, and former employees.

The archive process will create a zip file of the user content for each separated user, and will share the archive with the original owner via Google Drive, if possible. Users may request a copy of their archive if it was not automatically shared with their account. The GitHub Service Team retains unclaimed archives for a year before removing them.

Note that the archive only includes content directly associated with the user account, and does NOT include any content from any organizations the user is a member of. Users who wish to obtain a copy of any content from an organization they were a member of will need to request a copy from an owner of the organization. The GitHub Service Team can retrieve contact information for organization owners to assist in this process, but will not directly release organization content.

Once all archives have been created and verified, the user accounts for separated users will be removed from the service, and their content will be removed. We anticipate running the removal process on March 15th.

Please contact the GitHub Service Team at if you have any questions or concerns about this process.