GitHub Upgrade – 2.17.0/2.17.1

The 2.17.0 update is a large update, introducing a lot of useful features and package updates. We will also be installing the 2.17.1 update, which is a small update fixing a few bugs.

Notable Features

  • Users can create draft pull requests.
  • Pull request reviewers can expand and contract the diff view.
  • Code authors can commit a batch of suggested changes as a single commit.
  • Organization owners can view and export a list of users that have access to a repository.
  • Users can create and manage their own project boards.
  • Users can set a status on their profile.
  • Organization owners can revoke personal access token via the API.
  • Users can view a list of all the repository releases that are being watched.
  • Organization owners can restrict members’ ability to create teams.
  • Users can view all of their subscriptions to issues and pull requests.
  • Users can exclude labels from search in an issue or pull request list filter.
  • Organization owners can grant users the ability to manage either individual GitHub Apps or all GitHub Apps in an organization.
  • Users can mark previously viewed notifications as unread.
  • Users can view information about the author of an issue or pull request by hovering over their username in sticky conversation headers.
  • Users can reset their profile picture to the default identicon.
  • Pull request review summary comments now support reactions, edit history, quote replies, and copying URLs.
  • Organization admins can restrict email notifications for activity within their organization to one or more verified domains.
  • Users can pin gists to their profile.
  • Users can re-request a code review to notify requested reviewers that changes have been made to a pull request.
  • Users can select a different repository when opening a new issue from a comment.
  • Users can copy comment permalinks on mobile.
  • Users can close or open an issue or pull request from the projects side pane.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Using ghe-migrator or exporting from, an export would silently fail to export pull request review comments when a repository was archived.
  • Rename conflicts were not detected while importing from some 3rd party systems using ghe-migrator.
  • GitHub app permissions were not properly displayed during app creation.
  • The global enterprise account listed suspended outside collaborators.
  • Recently promoted site admins could be suspended by another site admin without revoking site admin privilege first.
  • client_id and client_secret were added to the JSON payload when creating a GitHub App via manifest.

We will be applying the patch at 5:00 PM EST on June 7th.