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GitHub Upgrade – 3.4.2

This update is a bugfix patch which addresses a few minor issues. The update will be applied Monday May 9th , 2022 at 5:30PM.

GitHub Upgrade – 3.4.1

GitHub version 3.4.0 is a feature release which includes a number of qualify-of-life changes. The 3.4.1 patch addresses some bug fixes and security fixes. The dependabot automatic updates feature via GitHub Actions is available in a public beta; however, due to compatibility conflicts with the Global Runners, the feature will not be enabled in the NC State GitHub service until it reaches General Availability. The update will be applied Monday April 18, 2022 at 5:30 PM.

GitHub TLS Certificate Renewal

The NC State GitHub service uses a TLS certificate to verify its identity to browsers, and ensures that all communication between clients and the server is encrypted...

GitHub Upgrade – 3.3.5

This upgrade includes the 3.3.5 security patch, as well as the prior two patches: 3.3.3 and 3.3.4 The update will be applied Friday March 4th , 2022 at 5:30PM.

GitHub Actions General Availability

We're making the GitHub Actions feature generally available to all users and organizations! Actions will be available to all users and organizations starting March 8th after 6:00pm.

Global Runner Software Upgrades

The GitHub Service Team will be upgrading the software available on the Global Actions Runners. This change will be made between 11:30am and 12:00pm on March 3rd.

GitHub Upgrade – 3.3.2

This upgrade includes the 3.3.0 Feature release, as well as the two Patch releases: 3.3.1 and 3.3.2. The update will be applied Monday Jan 24th , 2022 at 5:30PM.

GitHub Upgrade – 3.2.6

This upgrade brings a security fix for log4j with 3.2.6 and a few bug fixes with 3.2.5. We will be applying the patch on December 14th at 5:30 PM EST.

GitHub Upgrade – 3.2.4

This update addresses specific bug fixes related to clustering and high availability, many of which do not apply to NC State’s GitHub Enterprise instance and...

GitHub Upgrade – 3.2.3

3.2.3 addresses a security issue and bug fixes related to the 3.2.0 release, but otherwise includes no significant changes. We will be applying the patch on November 11 at 5:30 PM EST