GitHub Upgrade – 2.18.3/2.18.4

The 2.18.3 update and the 2.18.4 update are small updates, fixing a few bugs.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • The text toolbar and the subheading were overlapping on the global enterprise account Messages pages.
  • In large repos the protected branch settings page was loading slowly and triggering a timeout error.
  • Attempting to unarchive a repository would fail due to schema mismatch.
  • Viewing blobs in a repository was slow and could cause timeout errors under certain network conditions.
  • Forking a private repository into an organization was erroneously blocked by an error that mentioned upgrading your plan.
  • Git pushes could take a long time when pushing to a fork of a repository with a lot of forks.
  • Webhooks could not be created or updated to point to .consul domains.

Notable Changes

  • The number of pull requests that can be created from the same head SHA1 is limited to 100 by default.

We will be applying the patch at 5:00 PM EST on Oct 11th.