Storage Expansion

We have been creeping close to the red line for storage on the GitHub appliance for some time now, and while the recent account deprovisions have helped quite a bit, we’re still a lot closer than we’d like to be. We have recently gotten approval to increase the available storage on the appliance from 700GB of space to 2TB of space for user repository data. This should give us plenty of breathing room, and hopefully we won’t need to expand the storage again for some time.

The storage has already been allocated in VMWare for the server, but we need to make the additional storage visible to the GitHub software, and that requires putting the service into maintenance mode and then restarting the server. We have scheduled downtime for Sep 13th at 5:00PM to perform the storage expansion.

Even though we will have a larger chunk of space available, we will not be enabling the LFS functionality after this upgrade. GitHub still does not have tooling around quotas for LFS, and without those controls there is enough risk to the service stability that we don’t feel comfortable re-enabling it yet.